TYPE LIT EN BATEAU BED , Central Europe, approx. 1810-1820

Material: construction – pine; veneer – mahogany, woodcarving – wood
gold-plated; 110 x 220 x 98.5 cm

Bed detached from the abutments of equal height, esowato curved in the vertical plane, decorated with carved and gilded wood applications imitating bronze fittings (swan-necks on the sides finials, rosettes, acanthus flagella); supported by low, current board feet recurving out.
King-lit en bateau (formed in the shape of a boat), which was introduced in France in the period empiru, spread all over Europe to the mid-nineteenth century.

State of preservation: good, after maintenance long legs and oskrzynie (sides) fornir again; abutments connection with the sides reworked coupling connectors (ie. the hooks Berlin) for the screws; compensate the loss and minor cracks veneer on both abutments.