Jerzy Nowosielski – Female nude 1968 r.

Oil on canvas 80 x 60 cm.

Nude is present in Nowosielski from the beginning of his creative career. Noticeable growth of kept in the spirit of socialist realism massive female athletes performing weird stunts by female ascetic, as a mysterious bride from the sixties and found nowhere else in acts of mystical women priestesses ending Memoirs of Egypt, where the woman is reduced to the form of the character. Act undoubtedly belonged to the favorite motifs of figurative works Nowosielski. The body is a form that gave the artist the opportunity to gather all the interesting issues it without sacrificing the spiritual element. The body, in full or półakcie act, devoid of any customization, it has no specific facial features, the only common feature is the almond as icons, eyes, sometimes hidden under glasses as if the artist wanted to further blur the identity of this anonymous form. Such acts must be presented a picture in which the dark background emerges outlined with red outline sitting upright nameless form of masked eyes. The Act strikes hieratic presentation, sight attracts game summaries cool grays and warm, treated bryłowo strong color spots form clawing toward the viewer form.