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Stefan Gierowski – 1998

Oil on canvas. Dimensions 130 cm to 150 cm.

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Adam Setkowicz – 1876-1945

Oil on canvas 18cmx23cm Despite considerable popularity and the constant presence on the art market is a little-known artist. Of his life little is known except that in the years 1897 – 1898 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts under the direction of Theodore Axentowicz. He painted genre scenes – often sledding, sleigh, horses …

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Jerzy Nowosielski – Female nude 1968 r.

Oil on canvas 80 x 60 cm. Nude is present in Nowosielski from the beginning of his creative career. Noticeable growth of kept in the spirit of socialist realism massive female athletes performing weird stunts by female ascetic, as a mysterious bride from the sixties and found nowhere else in acts of mystical women priestesses …

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Andrzej Wroblewski – “Girl with a teddy bear” 1946.

Dimensions 52 cm x 43.0 cm. Oil on canvas. Origin: Collection of Mary and Joseph Grabskie, Krakow 1989, Teresa Wróblewska, the Artist’s Wife, in Cracow There was .: 1996, Krakow National Museum (Wroblewski. Retrospective) Described: Andrzej Wroblewski, Gallery of Modern Art Encouragement, National Museum in Krakow, Foundation Institute for the Promotion of Art, Warsaw 1998, …

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